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Making your vision a reality

Lauren Grzymala is the owner and founder of Grzymala Galas. After 4 years in Bellefonte, PA, she is now back in her native York County native, where she lives with her husband and high school sweetheart, John, and their dog, Sam. Born the oldest of three, and the only daughter of a single mother, she has always been one to pave the way and take the lead.


Throughout high school, she focused her education around a career path in Humanities and Communications, and pursued the career field outside of the classroom, accepting her first job in retail at 16 years old. Upon her graduation from Dallastown Area High School, Lauren decided to explore other career fields in her higher education, choosing to major in Criminal Justice and minor in Spanish at York College of Pennsylvania. After studying her major for a year and a half, however, Lauren realized that her passions did not lie in Criminal Justice, and she shifted her focus to furthering her experience and skills in customer service. She worked in retail for four more years, and was promoted to higher leadership positions twice before ending her time with the company to pursue a Store Manager opportunity in the wedding industry with a local formalwear shop.


Lauren discovered her passion for wedding and event planning after planning and executing several events, including graduation parties, surprise parties, and her own wedding, to name a few. After much research into the industry and making connections with local vendors, she found the career path she had spent so much time searching, and enrolled in classes with The Wedding Planning Institute, a division of Lovegevity. She earned her official certification in April of 2017, and with the help of her mentor and long-time position in a bridal/formalwear shop, immediately dove into the world of the wedding industry. She spends every day following her passions, building the life and the career she has always dreamed of.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends, playing with her dog, doing almost anything outdoors, working out, and researching the latest wedding and fashion trends.

Lauren Grzymala
Founder & Certified Wedding and Event Planner

Our Mission, here at Grzymala Galas is simple...

To make every client’s vision for their special day a reality, without the stress of doing it all yourself. We believe everyone deserves to have their event be exactly what they want it to be, no matter what the size, time frame, or budget. That being said, whatever event you have to celebrate in your life, you can trust Grzymala Galas to handle it all, with a personalized approach unlike any other.


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